ATTENTION! Shipping is currently NOT available for most items in our online store. In store pick up is available for all items. Please call our store during business hours for inquiries or leave us a message and we will do our best to return contact.


1. What items do you accept?

We accept all types of sports equipment; if you\\\'re unsure just ask. CLICK HERE for a list of many of the items we carry.

2. What items do you not accept?

  • Firearms, paintball guns, airsoft guns, and/or ammunition
  • Weapons not related to organized sports (for example, fencing sabers are accepted, hunting knives are not)
  • Titled Vehicles
  • Items we determine to be over-worn or too damaged to sell

3. How will I know when my item sells?

You can create a consigner account through our website to monitor ongoing status of your items. You may also call the store at any time to inquire about your items over the phone.

4. Why does Superior Seconds keep a portion of my item\\\'s sale price?

We are a small business with the standard expenses of a retail store. Our portion of the sale price goes to covering employment costs, advertising, and overhead expenses.

5. Why do I get to keep more of the sale price if I take my payment as a store credit?

The 10-20% extra you receive for taking your payment as store credit is a reward for recirculating gear and funds within our program. We are proud of our merchandise and want to encourage buyers to apply their profit toward their next gear purchase.

6. When I leave my item for consignment does it belong to me or to Superior Seconds?

While we have care of your item on our sales floor, it is still your property. In the consignment agreement you have agreed to leave your property with us and we have agreed to promote your item for sale to buyers. Your item is still your property and not covered by our insurance, but may be covered by your homeowners insurance - check your individual policy.

7. Do you warrant the items you sell?

Because we sell pre-owned gear, no consignment items are warrantied and all items are sold “AS IS.” Our Jensen Lee duffle and gear bags are brand new, and come with a 4 year warranty from Jensen Lee.

8. Is your pricing negotiable?

The pricing is decided by the store or between the store and consignor. We have a strict no haggle policy. The marked price of the item is the selling price.