How Consignment Works

ATTENTION! Shipping is currently NOT available for most items in our online store. In store pick up is available for all items. Please call our store during business hours for inquiries or leave us a message and we will do our best to return contact.

How Consignment Works

It’s EASY! Follow these steps:

Gather up your GENTLY used sporting gear and equipment.
Clean with minimal signs of wear please. Tears, marks or rips should be slight and repairable. If your item is not "sales ready," we may offer reconditioning to repair/clean items for an additional fee.

Contact us to: inquire about your equipment's trade value, or get help with your
gear needs. A staff member will review your items to determine suitability in the store at that present time.
Staff members consider the item’s age, condition, current store inventory and seasonality of the items during this review.

Sell your gear on consignment. You choose to receive store credit on your account or a check in the mail. It's that easy!


60 Day Consignment Terms

For each item's final selling price, consignors earn

40% Check OR 60% Store Credit for $15.00-49.99
50% Check OR 60% Store Credit for $50.00-199.99
60% Check OR 70% Store Credit for $200.00-499.99
70% Check OR 80% Store Credit for $500.00-999.99
80% Check OR 90% Store Credit for $1000.00+

  • Initial pricing set by Consignor or Store Staff
  • Items are automatically discounted by 10% every 20 days
  • Consignment items must be clean, damage free and work as intended
  • Consignor is responsible for picking up items prior to expiration

Items left by consignors after item expiration date are considered forfeited/donated. Superior Seconds may disperse of expired items at their sole discretion.

Consignment Account Terms and Agreement:

I elect to open a Consignment Account with Superior Seconds Gear Exchange in order to sell my used sporting goods. I acknowledge the consignment term is 60 CALENDAR DAYS. I have the opportunity to price my own items or ask Superior Seconds to price my items for me. Whichever I choose, I agree to the initial sales price for each item as posted in my online account and on my inventory list. I understand this initial price will be marked down by 10% after 20 days on the sales floor and by an additional 10% after 40 days on the sales floor. I understand I will receive an e-mail at the email account I have listed above allowing me to check on the status of my items and their initial sales price. I will contact Superior Seconds if I do not receive the initial online CONSIGNOR account set-up email.

At the beginning of each consignment term I will elect how I prefer to receive my portion of the sales proceeds for my consigned items. I understand a payment method choice must be made each time I consign a list of items and that my payment terms may only be changed in writing prior to my items selling. I understand that once my item sells the payment method for that item cannot be modified without an account conversion by Superior Seconds Accounting. I understand that should I choose to switch my account payment method after my item has sold, my account will be charged an account conversion fee of $5.00.

60-DAY Consignment Term Payment Method Options are:

For items valued at $49.99 or less:For items valued at $50.00 or more:


Value of Check or Store Credit is derived from FINAL sales price for each item sold after discounts and/or markdowns. Consignor checks are issued at the end of each month for sales during the prior month, will be made payable to myself, mailed to the current address on file, and are subject to a $1.00 processing/postage fee. Checks are valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Consignors may bring in expired checks to be exchanged for store credit only, but no second checks are issued. I understand that Store credit can be applied to future transactions with Superior Seconds.

I understand that any unsold items remaining in the store after the 60 DAY consignment period must be picked up by me by the agreement pick-up date or they will automatically be donated to Superior Seconds to disperse of at their sole discretion. When I come to the store prior to the end of my consignment period to collect any unsold items, I may request a list of my unsold items which I may use to aid me as I find and pull my unsold items from the sales floor to take home. I understand that I must keep track of my contract term and expiration date. Superior Seconds will not send reminders and I am solely responsible for my items pickup. I understand that items remaining at Superior Seconds past the expiration date become property of Superior Seconds to disperse/dispose of at their sole discretion. Items left beyond the expiration date are considered abandoned and forfeited.

I also understand that Superior Seconds does their best to prevent damage and theft. They are not responsible for either unless they generate the damage. My items remain mine until they are sold or I abandon them.

Item acceptance and Condition Upon Receipt:

All goods I provide are offered for sale on my behalf by Superior Seconds Gear Exchange. I have disclosed all known flaws. I ensure that my gear contains all essential parts, is fully functional, clean, and ready to display. If repairs, cleaning or missing parts are needed I understand that I will be charged reconditioning fees to prepare my items for sale. This may include parts replacement labor and material fees which will be charged to my account toward the cost of the sale. I understand that if items left for consignment have missing/damaged/broken parts, leak, do not work as intended or that are not reasonably repairable, those items will be considered surrendered for donation and immediately dispersed/disposed of at the sole discretion of Superior Seconds. If my item leaks or fails to function as intended, I understand and agree that my item will be disposed of.